the 2nd sign that traffic mets from the Auchtertool direction is this one which sits on the right hand side of the road showing that a roundabout is the next junction and differernt directions can be selected.
this roadsign is in Abbotshall Road at Beveridge Park and it informs traffic that the roundabout approaching is key to decision making for drivers.It has a brown inset panel to inform of tourist/visitor points of interest.
the sign here is located closer to the civic town centre. It continues the directional routes in and through the town as traffic approaches the roundabout at ADAM SMITH THEATRE CENTRE
a pictorial taken from a document by Kirkcaldy Town centre Management Limited which features a Business Improvement Ditrict ( BID)
this is the approach to Inverteil Junction from the main road B9157 from inverkeithing direction
KIRKCALDY CIVIC sign as traffic approaches the town from Auchtertool on the B925
an up close shot of the civic sign
Large roadsign the the left of road as traffic approaches from Kinghorn direction
next sign is the brown tonal tourist visitor sign that provides different factual information to the visitor / driver


  1. Looking forward to the follow up showing the signage from the other ways into Kirkcaldy…

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