The project submissions are due on Monday 3 May 2010. At the moment I am considering producing a map  for my print output and to make my wordpress blog more informative as my website prescence. The decision to produce  a map comes from some of the physical research I have carried out as part of my main masters research project : TRANSITIONAL PORTALS.

PRINT OUTPUT                                                                                                                                                                                  Kirkcaldy, as the main subject of my research project, has had a series of previous informative maps , from illustrative historical layouts, bus route maps, tourist information maps and general street-finding maps used mainly by the local population as an occasional reference point. Most of these mapping solutions have a series of advertising sponsorship to enable them to be published.

I feel that, based on my current research on what is available, a new integrated map solution is required to update the town’s urban development, which have grown substantially over the last few years. For a print publication, I will have to take a wide range of factors into consideration as well as recognising that there is a wider range of stakeholders who would need input to such a publication. It is unlikely that I will be able to gather this input before the project deadline.


On my blog page, it has a lot of relevant information about what I have  researched on my overall masters project. The blog is okay, BUT, it does not have active links and tags as virtually no-one apart from a few of my closest friends and family.  Blogging is a new skill that I have been developing and I suppose that its style and content should reflect the individual who created it, but I feel that the factors that are really missing, will be judged as a major problem when I am marked on its content and  style etc.

Therefore, I must now open up the content to more expert groups to gain some feedback and comments to make it more purposeful and effective as a piece of SID ( Strategic Information Design ).  I am also comparing my efforts with other MDes students, who seem to have made them a lot more professional and more understated than my blog. I also need to follow other blogs more actively in order to let other blog sites and bloggers see and make comments ( hopefully) on my blog content.


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