BBC FOUR are currently showing a series of programmes on the Beauty of Maps and tonight , Tuesday 20th April 2010, the programme covered the mapping of London from from Morgan’s version before St Paul’s Cathedral was rebuilt, which omitted the location of slums and undesired elements, as the layout was designed to be an idealistic view of London as required by the patron, to a modern illustrative map by artist Stephen Walter, which is his personal experience view of the city. This map is hand drawn and reflects London as a realistic entity.

Stephen Walter’s most recent project is based around a large map of London. Titled The Island and originally a drawing that took the artist over 2 years to produce and requires a magnifying glass to view, an edition of prints have now been published of the piece, along with 33 accompanying editions taken from segments of the main piece, which represent each London Borough.

Geographically accurate and highlighting the city’s main landmarks, main roads, railway lines, built up areas and green spaces, The Island is Walter’s selective listing of London’s history, trivia, local knowledge and stereotypes. Informative but humorous -…

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  1. i love this mapping its such a creative and personal way to show the city or town in your case. The finished products could be amazing….youve given me an idea now for a new student project!

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