photographs in the Kirkcaldy rain

Today, Sunday 25th April, I went out to photograph and video some of the buildings and features to expand the library of information that I have gathered on Kirkcaldy.  It was very heavy,steady rain which made it a bit more difficult to get the shots I needed.

However, it was only rain, and I was happy with the shots I managedto take, although I shot the video onto a new SD card using the NIKON camera, in portrait mode,  and I do not know if I can edit them by rotating like jpeg images ? I may need to re-shoot the buildings etc tomorrow ( monday).

I have made a decision to produce a proposal for a new map for Kirkcaldy, which I hope to discuss in more detail at my presentation to Kirkcaldy Civic Society on Tuesday evening.  The feedback from this presentation / workshop will determine a direction for the SID module , but it may also shed light on my main design research project. I may ned to record the discussions on video as evidence based research with a STAKEHOLDER GROUP.

Tonight I will be using InDESIGN and photoshop software and hopefully a bit of video editing in iMovie/iPhoto, to begin the final design format for my Print submission (MAP ) and my WEB BLOG ( ionspace7 ).


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