Working on the final leaflet design for SID submission. The principles of the leaflet is based on an A4 format.

Kirkcaldy Civic Society are the stakeholder group that I have identified as being in need of updating information on Kirkcaldy town walks.

As Kirkcaldy has a good range of architecturally interesting buildings, the proposed leaflet is deemed to be the first in a series of short walks that identify particular buildings and landmarks within the Town, which would enable locals, visitors and tourists to pick up a leaflet and go and investigate the buildings etc.

Currently the KCS have a wide range of booklets in A5 folded formats, which are extremely informative, but may lack some consistency in production and layout. I am proposing to create a simple A4 leaflet, folded into the same A5 booklet format , but that shows the locations and information in a more modern visual communication way.  I will seek out feedback from KCS as they have been identified as teh stakeholder group who may endorse and develop the idea.



About ionspace7

born 18 August 1957, Scottish, Larbert and Stenhousemuir childhood. Larbert High School, ECA, UoD Master of Design, Interiorist, 3D designer, Stage Designer, Artist, Illustrator, Sketchbooker, Photographer, Zoomovographer, Writer, Poet, Ideas Developer and Visualiser. OTHER INTERESTS Walker, Golfer, Traveller, Cyclist, Researcher, Dreamer.
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