6 metre long DRAWING of KIRKCALDY HIGH STREET( the lang sketch!)

critical weekend. Deadline for an interim crit on Monday with Tutors at DoJ.

MDP – Mindful Design Practice.

Saturday was spent cutting and pasting all the 270 individual photographs that were taken on Sunday 9 May.  I also prepared a mock-up of a House of Cards for my presentation-as a Kirkcaldy Info Tower. I cut up A1 size card boards in half to make about 12 panels which have been cut with the necessary slots to make the panels stack up. I need to work out the best arrangement to show my project work but I may also put folding panels together with photo montage and collage information that relate to my MDes project as design process and methods.

Sunday ( today ) was spent actually drawing over the photo montage of one side of Kirkcaldy High Street. It took a lot longer than I imagined it would as I was only tracing over the building facades. It was a reasonably satisfactory experience as it involved in me actually drawing in pen. The drawing ended up being approximately 6 metres long. I used a datum line as a level so that I could key all the buildings down to a line. The photographs vary due to the position they were taken from, but considering they were all just hand – held shots, the images were sufficient for this exercise and method.

Drawing is a physical activity, but it also thought provoking. As I was drawing, I was able to consider the different ranges of architecture that exists in the High street of Kirkcaldy as well as the scale and height of the building facades. However, I am concerned that my activities are kind of worthless as I still do not have a clear direction or interaction with any of my indentified  stakeholders etc. It is not really an artistic activity but a design one and there is a difference.

I hope that I can discuss my current position in relation to my MDES research with Hazel and Jason tomorrow, but I have actually followed up my planned activity over the last week or so.

Generally, my time management is beginning to be really difficult, with the combinationof the p/t masters work and my full -time job at Adam Smith College.etc. I made the mistake of NOT opting out of the CCI end of year exhibition!!

I will post photos later and hopefully some video clips of my activities.


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