LANG TOUN DRAWING NO.2 is coming very very soon.

I have just completed the second drawing of Kirkcaldy High Street to add to the first linear drawing.  It is late (11minutes past eleven )on Thursday 8th July.

It has taken a longer time than the first drawing as it was slightly more complicated as the buildings on the more northern side of the street are actually more deatailed in  architectural style and scale.  I also had to take more reference photographs of the rooflines as the scale of some of the buildings look a bit out of proportion. Remember I took all the record photographs from eye level as I walked down the street.

In drawing the linear drawing, it was necessary to alter the vertical lines from the record photographs as the camera gives a wide angle distortion, especially at the high points of the facades.

( If I was wanting to record the street in more detail and to maintain scale and proportion, it would need to be done from an elevated platform to balance out the linear distortion.)

Anyway, I have now made a visual record of the whole High Street , on both sides, which, even before I began studying on the Mdes Masters, I had wanted to do for my own practice.                   The masters has given me a good reason to create these drawings, which are designed to be conversation pieces, as well as a basis for developing visual options for the high street environs.

This drawing, just completed, will be filmed asap, but I want to record it to appropriate music, as a contrast to the impromtu laughter and sniggering of the first video clip.


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