The era of large-scale urban planning is over. With the book ‘The Spontaneous City’ Urhahn Urban Design heralds another practice. Small-scale ‘make-ability’ combined with Dutch entrepreneurial skill: that is the basic principle. That is why the authors of this book argue in favour of local resourcefulness, flexibility, and openness – in short, they argue for the Spontaneous City. The Spontaneous City is never finished; the Spontaneous City is about the user; the Spontaneous City is the result of supply and demand. With this book we aim to provoke discussion about the aims of urban planning in the twenty-first century. 

The book can be ordered now from the website of Bis Publishers, in a Dutch edition as well as in an English edition. It is available in bookshops as of mid-December. 

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About ionspace7

born 18 August 1957, Scottish, Larbert and Stenhousemuir childhood. Larbert High School, ECA, UoD Master of Design, Interiorist, 3D designer, Stage Designer, Artist, Illustrator, Sketchbooker, Photographer, Zoomovographer, Writer, Poet, Ideas Developer and Visualiser. OTHER INTERESTS Walker, Golfer, Traveller, Cyclist, Researcher, Dreamer.
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