ideas for Mdes research subject for study

Ideas generated through quick thumbnail sketches

QUICK Bic pens draft sketches as thoughts on paper, to show initial ideas for a potential range of options for the Mdes Research Project. It could be that a combination of elements could work together, or it may be preferable to select just ONE IDEA and run with it!

Initially, I wanted to have a braod overview of how the town of Kirkcaldy operated and the wayfinding survey and exercises were my start point for discovering the town form an new way of thinking. Currently I am looking at the town centre environs with the declining High Street being a particular focus for my research to establish how and  what is require to re-create and enliven the High Street after the retail areas close down. 

signage elementys for waYFINDING


About ionspace7

born 18 August 1957, Scottish, Larbert and Stenhousemuir childhood. Larbert High School, ECA, UoD Master of Design, Interiorist, 3D designer, Stage Designer, Artist, Illustrator, Sketchbooker, Photographer, Zoomovographer, Writer, Poet, Ideas Developer and Visualiser. OTHER INTERESTS Walker, Golfer, Traveller, Cyclist, Researcher, Dreamer.
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