Each town has many facets and physical attributes, including unique geographic location.

Each town has its own identity but sometimes new developments and planning issues may affect the way it is able to portray its urbanism to its population and to its visitors and traders. 

Politicians and local councillors, business improvement districts, local area action groups, web-based social groups, developers and regeneration projects, planning departments, civic societies, community groups, historical societies, businesses and traders, property agents, as well as the population in each town,  all have different viewpoints and specific issues and campaign needs.

However,  it seems that there is nothing  or no forum that pulls them together to combine strategic thinking other than  information and promotion of the separate agendas published in the local newspaper or journal based on editorial priorities.

TOWN WORKSHOP EVENTS ( working title) is a proposition to all interested organisations and individuals to gather together in specially arranged activity workshops and discussion forums, to build common good thinking and practice into a cohesive form, that will enable greater co-operation in the development of future thinking for each town.

a workshop event diagram for Kirkcaldy Town

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