This is a sketch of how I have visualised my MDP presentation which will be delivered at 1300hrs on Tuesday 17 May 2011. The venue is the MASTERS of DESIGN STUDIO. I am last to go from all the other full tiome and part-time students – so no pressure then? The presentatioon is a strictly controlled 15 minutes, which based on tutorial advice, will use approx 15 slides at a delivery pace of one slide per minute. 100 words per minute is the average delivery for oral presentations. As I fine-tune my powerpoint for the presentation I realise that I have to be very organised but relaxed.  I am used to makeing presentations to students in my job as an FE lecturer, but I am delivering to an academic and advisory panel of 3-4 people, who are assessing my project development work for MINDFUL DESIGN PRACTICE.  I have checked my presentation against the assessment criteria and I look forward to delivering it confidently and succinctly tomorrow. Off to rehearse it again!

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