hello …an update





New session. re-establish design research project. matriculation today. Year 3 starts now.

In DJCAD library. Planning and Thinking the project strategy for taking the project into a realistic and beneficial way for stakeholdes or end -users.

Meeting my adviser, Jason Nelson today to discuss options and to pick apart what my project is meant to be about.

New focussed research is really the key element that I will need to develop in an organised, professional and interactive method.       Even though I was in direct contact with potential stakeholders, I realise that perhaps I was not as pro-active as I should have been, in order for the organisations and individuals to provide my project with some tangible project experimentation.                                            I need to apply my ideas to a propositional and live project outcome and / or result.

URBAN BANK is the general idea at the moment, but as it has been suggested by my academic advisers, I need to develop my drawing skills to help others ( stakeholders) to visualize their initiatives and proposed activities.

I am still keen to look at urban locations within towns but the economic climate is currently not really suitable for establishing new retail initiatives……….although analytical thinking to the longer term high street environment is worth investigating.

URBAN SPACE has a more open appeal as a project title as it could enable me to develop a wider series of activities in realising and communicating my project to the world.

URBAN DRAW could become the activity method and project output for the design ressearch, enabling my drawing production to envisage urban spaces into a source -point or HUB for others to  refer to and support.

Establishing a new identity for my MDes Design Research Project is very important, if not VITAL, in informing the potential stakeholder audience about my ideas and project ideas.

map for wayfinding