Recent Research has enabled me to find this innovative initiative by Paul Twivy.

YOUR SQUARE MILE – a project for community based activities which has just been awarded a grant of £830,000 ( EIGHT HUNDRED and THIRTY THOUSAND POUNDS ) by the BIG LOTTERY FUND.

The design work for the project was designed by CONRAN SINGH as reported in DESIGNWEEK on Wed 18 May 2011.

This linked directly to the website

which then linked into the website for

which then linked into the prime ministers

All of the initiatives are amazing and I rewalise that my MDES project is similar in content but that it needs to be more commercial and business-like in its organisation and it really requires a re-think on the content and tactics to get my ideas seen and then heard.

Finally, in this weekends FINANCIAL TIMES there is an article entitled  ‘Future Plans’ by Simon Ricketts, which is all about LOCALISM…………which looks at how a ‘localism’ bill may be able to give new powers to residents and individuals in the planning and development of their local communities. It is all part of the BIG SOCIETY VISION.



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